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The Jewish Museum of Rome, located in the complex of the Great Synagogue, began in 1960, and since has become home to the collections of the Roman Jewish Community: Roman silvers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, precious fabrics from all over Europe, illuminated parchments, marbles surviving the destruction of Cinque Scuole in the ghetto. In 2005 the museum reopened after renovations including about 700 square meters of renewed exhibition halls, with an educational path designed to give purpose to the magnificent works of art and valuable documents. This tells the story of the Jews in Rome from two thousand years ago to the present day, their relationships with the city, their festivals. The museum is a point of reference for people who want to discover the traditions, religion and history of the Roman Jews, one of the oldest jewish community of the world.

In 2009 the museum was visited by 75,000 people, one third of whom students.
In 2010 the Jewish Museum of Rome is 50 years old.
In 2011 the Museum was visited by 86,141 people, a quarter of which students.

Today the museum boasts:

  • A magnificent collection dating back centuries, specifically to the ghetto (1555-1870), about 400 silver pieces, 900 precious fabrics, 100 marbles, as well as casts, documents, parchments.
  • 700 square meters of covered area, provided with facilities for disable people and fully air-conditioned.
  • 7 exhibition rooms, with displays and supports for the works and designed to the latest museological criteria that make use of LED lighting for better preservation of the works.
  • Captions and panels in Italian, English, Hebrew.
  • A video of 35 ' , “A star on the Tiber, the Jews in Rome from the Emancipation until today”, available both in Italian and English.
  • The Garden with the Gallery of Ancient Marbles.
  • Two synagogues, the Great Synagogue and the Spanish Synagogue, included in the tour.

Visitors to the museum can also enjoy:

  • Guided tours of the Great Synagogue and the Spanish Synagogue in Italian and English, every hour. Guided tours by appointment of the museum and the synagogues, for groups of adults and students, in Italian, English, German, French and Hebrew.
  • The shop of the museum where to buy traditional Jewish items.
  • On Sunday as well the museum is still open to offer activities for adults and children.

Exhibitions of the museum:

  • From Jerusalem to Rome and back again: the journey between history and myth of the menorah (2008) with a catalog edited by Daniela Di Castro, Araldo De Luca Editore, 2008.
  • "Freedom finally?" The reopening of the Great Synagogue during the liberation of Rome, June 4, 1944 (2009).
  • Et ecce gaudium. The Roman Jews and the inauguration of the Popes (2010), with a catalog in English and Italian by Daniela Di Castro, De Luca published by Herald Press, 2010
  • Congratulations to Rabbi Toaff: tribute to a great Italian jew (2010)