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The association "Daniela Di Castro" (C.F. 97648360580) was created on the 28th of February 2011 to support the Jewish Museum of Rome in the conservation, protection, promotion, diffusion and development of the richness of its cultural heritage. Daniela Di Castro, historian of decorative arts, was the director of the Jewish Museum from November 2005 until June 2010, when she prematurely passed away. The current appearance of the Museum reflects the commitment, taste and devotion that Daniela put in her work and our association has been founded to help the Museum pursue her vision and carry on from where she left off. An act of love towards Daniela and towards the cultural heritage of the Jewish Community of Rome.

Purposes of our Association:

 • Promote cultural and scientific activities related to the collections of the Museum
 • Promote donations and devises of pieces of art work to the Museum related to the history of the Jewish    Community of Rome
 • Promote the raising fund for the renovation of pieces of the Museum collection
 • Expand the knowledge of Jewish art through the organisation of exhibitions and expositions
 • Organize trading expositions with other national and international jewish museums
 • Acquire new pieces of Jewish art and documents to include in the Museum collection
 • Promote new trading relations with other associations from museum all over the world

To become a member of our association you need to pay a membership annual fee according to the chosen membership modality.

Associazione Daniela Di Castro  How to become partner of the organisation

Statute and governing board

The organisation has its own articles and rules. The governing board is elected from the company meeting and stay on for 3 years.

 • President: Guido Coen
 • Vice President: Armando Tagliacozzo.
 • Company promoters: Guido Coen, Alberto Di Castro, Claudia Di Castro, Claudia De Benedetti, Daniela Manasse, Guido Moscati, Ghila Ottolenghi, Bruno Sed, Armando Tagliacozzo, Maurizio Tagliacozzo, Luca Zevi.

 • Councillors: Alberto Di Castro, Claudia De Benedetti, Ghila Ottolenghi, Bruno Sed, Maurizio Tagliacozzo, Luca Zevi.

Associazione Daniela Di Castro  Statute